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Six Major Benefits of Undertaking an Apprenticeship Programme

There are several programmes that one can participate in after they have graduated. Apprenticeship is one such programme that is meant to further develop and mould a graduate into a highly trained individual in a given field.

Just like an internship programme, apprenticeship opens more opportunities to an individual and helps them to sustain themselves during the entire learning period. As a fresh graduate, you may need to find out the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship programme to know if it is worth your time and efforts.

So here are some of the top benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship programme.

Reasons why you should participate in an apprenticeship programme

  • It’s a great opportunity to earn as you learn

Many graduates come out of campuses without having a clear idea of what to do next, some end up relaxing at home and even forget what they studied at the campus. If you want to become a smart graduate, you should think of your career future before you even graduate. One way of ensuring that you are still on a path to a great career future is by signing up at Apprenticeship Community Perth. This will allow you to learn as you are paid some money to cater to your essential needs.

  • Get recognised qualifications

Today, a degree alone cannot assure you of a good job, employers are looking for individuals with more and more qualifications. An apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity for you to earn an additional qualification. The good thing is that the apprenticeship programme only lasts for a year, after which you are granted a qualification that you can showcase to potential employers when you will be looking for a job in the future.

  • Great opportunity to gain real work experience

Working life is entirely different from campus life, how you conduct yourself while on campus will be different from how you should contact yourself at work. An apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the work environment and learn how to behave yourself at work. Thus, by participating in the apprenticeship programme, you gain real work experience.

  • Improve your employability

An apprenticeship programme is a great chance for you to earn a position in any company in the future. Having gone through the real work experience during the apprenticeship, your future employers will be confident that you know how to conduct yourself at work.

  • A chance to gain respect

Undertaking an apprenticeship program gives you a chance to learn several important skills that will help you to fit in any organisation. These skills may include managerial, organisations, interpersonal, communication, and time management skills. If you combine all these skills, then you will gain respect and independence from your future employers.

  • You will receive discounts

As an apprentice in Perth (Australia) you are still considered as a student and you will still be getting discounts from stores, restaurants, insurance, gym, and much more. To achieve this, you will be provided with a student discount card as an identifier of your status.

How much are you paid in the apprenticeship programme?

The amount you will be paid as an apprentice depends on the company of your choosing. Some companies pay their apprentices extremely better than others. So if you want to earn more money, you have to do some research on the company’s payment policies to help you land a well-paying company. As much as you need a high-paying company, you should also find out if you will gain a lot of knowledge and experience from your apprenticeship.


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