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Pergola Ideas to Turn Your Outdoor Space into Haven

What is a pergola? It is an open structure with a semi-open overhead. Pergola is a sure way to get the most out of your outdoor space. They provide cover a little more permanent than what an umbrella can provide. They use beams therefore, there is less obstruction of natural light and overhead view. Needless to say, they bring in more architectural designs to the backyard. Pergolas encourage people to spend more time outdoors than indoors.

Here are some of the beautiful pergola ideas to adopt in your outdoor space:

Pergola ideas

Whiteout: a complimentary white pergola gives a modern approach to counter the green landscape. White is the only option to blend with the exterior of a home. Pergola provides a perfect place to perch some potted flowers.

Attached but angled: this pergola idea attaches to the walls of a home but sloping from the exterior of a home to the outside. The pergola idea allows plenty of light and the space is filled with bougainvillea attached to the exterior for a unique profile.

Rainproof pergola: added with Bermuda shutters and laid with galvanized corrugated steel panels your patio will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space come rain come sunshine.

Built-in: if your outdoor space is small, you can decide on a built-in pergola, a pergola with a piece of built-in daybed furniture, you can try chocolate brown upholstery and bright brown citrus fruits in the backyard.

Lighting and heating: it adds to the reasons why pergolas are great assets for a home. Attach several electric lighting and heating systems to your pergola to extend the time you spend outdoors even when the night and cold starts to creep in. Has the pergola been built with fewer beams to allow more light during the sunshine?

Added tarp: make your outdoor space worthy. Protect the rooftop of a pergola with a tarp for additional comfort.

Blend in: blend in your pergola with twisted vine flowers and let the stems scale the posts to make the pergola feel like it grew from the ground. Arrange pieces of mossy bricks to contribute to the flow.

Rose over pergola: if you love the flower aroma, plant plenty of grand-floras and allow them to climb over to the roof of a pergola. They will provide a romantic cover to the pergola.

Pool time: build your pergola adjacent to the poolside to provide a little shading. It allows you to dive into the water and when you feel like getting wet. The industrial beams on only two sides are sturdy enough to support both sides of the pergola.

Optimized dining: build your pergola as an extension to your dining area. With a few pieces of furniture in the pergola, your guests will choose to remain outdoors or get in, useful when you have guests beyond what your dining area can handle.

Extra coverage: by matching your fencing with that of the pergola but with closely stacked slats, to allow for fresh air and lighting, you achieve some extra coverage.

Moody: have your pergola over your outdoor shower to achieve a moody or dreamy backyard. It is perfect for the balance between bold design and minimalist or timeless and modern design.

Pergolas provide extra space to spend outdoors when you feel the limiting effects of the interior. Ask an experienced designer and builder like Homestyle Living to make one that will fit your home and lifestyle.




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