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The Benefits of Having Access Control in Brisbane

What is a access control system, and why is it needed? To answer that, let’s first start with the definition of access control and its functioning in businesses. Access control is for security purposes, controlling who is able to enter certain places and who is not and therefore eliminating most risks within companies and organisations. Access control isn’t limited to physical places such as at work, within buildings, schools etc. It also has its function in who can access certain resources within computers, networks, and data.


When access control systems are in place, security is higher, and unauthorised entering is limited.


So How Does Access Control Really Work?


Access control acts as a way to identify persons and entities while verifying that the person is authorised to access a room, building, or information and that they are who they say they are. There are a few different ways that individuals are given access:


  • Tags – like a keycard, uses radio frequencies to identify tags to the access control panel. Every tag will have its own encrypted number for identification. This means the same cards can have different accesses to certain entries. The administrator can also switch the access of its users whenever they choose, making it easy to suddenly deny access to the current users. This can also be helpful in the case of a missing, stolen, or lost card, which will need to be disabled immediately to prevent an unauthorised person from entering.
  • Code – another benefit that helps you have a smoother and more hassle-free experience is using an access control system that requires a code instead of a keycard. All you and your employees will need is a simple pin that cuts the stress of losing keys and having to make duplicates. These can also go with tags for added security, where you would first scan your tag before typing in the pen for entry.


The reader that will be used to scan and verify tags will be installed on either side of a door. The functions on either side on not the same as one will control entering, and the other will control entering and exiting. The antenna on the reader links and gets power from the access control panel, so when a person shows their tag to the reader, the antenna reads the ID number and transmits it to the access control panel. The access control panel is the centre, storing information of identification.


As an employer or owner of a company or business, it’s important for you to be on top and in control of what’s going on in your business. But installing an access control panel, you are able to monitor who comes in and out. This is also a safety precaution as far as certain areas where there is dangerous equipment that you do not want unauthorised people to have access to.


What are the Personal Benefits of Access Control Systems?


Personal benefits include the ability to track who and what has access to important and confidential information and premises and helps you track employees’ activities. Control panels for your business mean that extra step of security that will protect you and your staff and employees. Access control panels also help save on money as they track what areas are not being used and therefore be able to show you where you conserve certain aspects like energy, heating, cooling etc.


Adding an access control panel to your business is a very wise decision and will help protect your business. There are many places in Brisbane that will help you get started and guide you through the installation process.





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